Helping to Improve the Health of Humankind

                                                Do you want to know what drives us every day working for Ajinomoto?


Our Mission & Vision

At Ajinomoto our mission is to help improve the health of humankind. Our ultimate goal is to provide adaptive solutions, responsive service, trusted partnerships and peace of mind to our customers.

We take pride in knowing our efforts are helping countless patients for years to come by being a leading, trusting and innovative partner to our customers and our employees.

Our Values

In order to achieve our company vision and mission, we identified 6 company values: Customer Focus, Innovation, Accountability, Communication, Compliance & Teamwork.

These values are inspiring, motivational and aspirational as they are the intrinsic elements that underpin the behaviour and mindset of our co-workers. It is important to recognise that these values aren’t just written words at Ajinomoto. We consistently communicate and share them to ensure that they are well understood and integrated into our daily lives.